What to Pack for a Week of Sailing with Kids?

what to pack for a week of sailing with kids

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I have packed for us to go away for a weeks sailing I always seem to forget something and every time I start packing I think ‘I wish I had a list of everything I need!’ So today I’m going to write that list.



7 x T-shirts

4 x Trousers

2 x shorts

7 x pants/knickers

7 x socks

3 x Jumpers (1 thick one and 2 slightly thinner ones)

1 x pair of pj’s

1 x sunhat

1 x pair of wellies

1 x pair of deck shoes

1 x pair of crocs

1 x waterproof coat

1 x waterproof trousers







Kids Toothpaste

Kids Shampoo

Hair Brush


Sleeping Bag

Travel Pillow

Blanket (if colder weather)

Bag of toys/crayons/colouring books/ reading books

Beach Towels

Handy To Have

Handwash for clothes

Baby Wipes

Healthy Snacks

The ultimate aim is to get all of the above into one bag! Like the one pictured below. There is nothing worse than having to load up your boat with hundreds of loose items. A waterproof bag is also a must!

What to pack for a week of sailing with kids?


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