Venford Falls The Hidden Double Waterfall in Devon

It’s currently the Summer holidays here in Devon so to help keep the kiddies entertained I created a Devon bucket list. It has a few touristy places on it but it’s mainly hidden gems located throughout Devon. 

Venford Falls 

One place on our list was Venford Falls which is a hidden double waterfall not far from the town of Ashburton. I’d been told by a few people that have managed to find it that it was not easy to get to. They weren’t wrong!

This waterfall is definitely not for the faint hearted. Getting there entailed crawling under fallen trees, wading through boggy land and at one point scaling the side of a mossy rock face (with a muddy dog under my arm).

At one point we were ready to give up but then we heard it just ahead of us.

Venford waterfall in Devon

It was definitely worth the trek!

I packed the kiddies swimmers and towels but ideally, we could have done with some water shoes as there are a lot of sharp stones and rocks. Next time we’ll go back more prepared and maybe even take the wetsuits.

At the bottom of the waterfalls, there is a small pool area that you could swim in.

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Venford Falls - Double waterfall in Devon

Venford Waterfall in Devon

I’m so glad that we found Venford Falls. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while and now we can tick it off our list.

Venford Brook on Dartmoor in Devon

Our daughter was convinced that she could see fairies whilst we were in the woods so when we got home I created this photo for her. She wants to put it on her bedroom wall.

Enchanted Forest in Devon

Pin for later?

Venford Falls in Devon

Venford Reservoir and Dam 

The falls are part of Venford Brook which runs from Venford Reservoir, which by the way you should also check out.

Venford Dam is a pretty impressive structure. You need to drive across it to get to the waterfall. The reservoir was originally built to provide water for Paignton.

You can walk around the whole reservoir and apparently it takes 40 minutes or so.

Venford Reservoir

Venford Dam in Devon

Venford Dam Devon

Have you been to Venford Falls?


Venford Falls A Hidden magical double waterfall in Devon

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