The River Yealm – Boating in Devon

The River Yealm is another one of our favourite places to go on the boat and we cannot wait to get back there, if this weather ever improves! Today I thought I’d share with you some of our photos from last years season.

The River Yealm - Boating in Devon

Entrance to the Yealm

This is what you see as you first come into the Yealm. Getting in can be tricky due to the sandbar and we would definitely advise planning when you go in or out. Especially if you have a big draft.

There have been several times where I’m pretty sure we have bounced our way through the entrance!

the yealm

river yealm

Child Friendly Boating

It’s a great place to go with the kiddies because once you have moored up you can whizz across in the dinghy and go for a lovely walk down into Noss Mayo. It takes a little while, especially with young ones but it’s worth it!

the yealm

Pubs in the Yealm

There is a choice of pubs where you can stop and have some lunch. A lot of them seem to change hands often so can be a bit hit and miss. The Ship Inn seems to be the most consistent in terms of food and service although it is the most expensive of the lot.

the yealm

You can let the little (or big) ones have a play in the park to let off some steam. The park is located on the Noss Mayo side of the river.

the yealm

Noss Mayo is a beautiful place to explore…

the yealm

This picture was taken from the other side of the river in Newton Ferrers which is equally as lovely as Noss Mayo and also had some lovely pubs that you should check out. There is also a few shops where you can stock up on supplies.

the yealm

and one last photo, a shot from our boat…

the yealm

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