The Next Leg – New Boat and New Adventures!

So Gina would have already by now posted the romantic and picturesque idea of boating around the South-West, however someone needs to take a look at the practical maintenance and safety aspects of running a large boat ,  time constraints due to the day job and juggling various family commitments. This ultimately leaves very little time for such delights as boating.

So here we go on the next leg of our adventures. The deal is done, the necessary paperwork underway and engine trials completed. This means from Saturday morning we are the proud new owners of ‘Angelina’.

For those that know little of our sailing history I started out sailing the SW coast and I have bought and sold various boats along the way. Gina is getting more and more committed as time goes on and our latest acquisition is a balance between my purist tendencies towards boating that involve sails and salt spray, and the modern world of ‘throttle down’ and get there quickly.

We were seeking a boat that would balance our needs, keep the children moderately happy and would not scare the life out of Gina.

So here we have Angelina. Once overhauled this winter, she should prove herself to be comfortable, spacious and with her two diesels ably pushing her along at cruising speeds of about eight knots, will take us reasonably quickly along the coast.

Above all she is safe as her hull was apparently designed for the Tod Tornado competing in the Torquay to Cowes race. She should therefore be a solid sea boat.

Lots of work will be required this winter so off we go with another project! Progress updates to follow….

The Captain

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