Summer Sailing Holiday 2015 – Day Three

summer sailing holiday 2015 day3

As you’ve probably guessed by now for a sailing holiday we’re not doing very well. We are three days into our holiday and haven’t even got the sails up yet let alone gone anywhere! We have the great British weather to thank for that.

On day 3 of our holiday the weather was better but we still weren’t comfortable enough with it to go for a sail with the kiddies on board so we decided to show my Father around Plymouth instead. The classic boat regatta was still on so we had a nosey at the beautiful wooden boats.

Plymouth Classic Boat Regatta

Classic boat regatta plymouth, devon

We then went for a windy wander up to the Hoe and as you can see from the pictures the weather wasn’t great!

Plymouth Hoe

After we had blown the cobwebs away up on the hill we headed back down to the Barbican and had a hot chocolate at Cap’n Jaspers to warm us up.

Hot Chocolate at Cap'n Jaspers

The kiddies also had a go on the merry go round.

merry go round Barbican, Plymouth, Devon

For supper we went to Rockfish which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare which is such a shame as normally we have a lovely time when we are there. We went into the takeaway side as we always do as the dog is allowed in and the fish is almost a quarter of the price as it is in the restaurant next door. Don’t ask me why that is as you can still sit inside at a table in the takeaway side. I guess you are paying for a plate and cutlery? We ordered our fish and chips but were surprised when the only drink that they had to offer was ginger beer which of course wasn’t suitable for the children. My Father asked if he could have some ciders from the restaurant area next door to which he got a reply of “Yeah you can but you’ll have to go and get them yourself and put them into a plastic cup”. I then asked if we could get some squashes from the restaurant too for the kids to which I got an answer of no! In the end Phil went to the shop around the corner, bought our drinks and brought them back to the cafe. Funnily enough he walked back into the cafe at the same time as a member of staff that was carrying a tray full of drinks for the staff that they’d just got from the restaurant side. As I said earlier we have never had a problem in there before so I’m guessing it was a case of young seasonal staff that could really care less. The woman that we normally see in there is lovely and always very polite and helpful. The phrase peanuts and monkeys springs to mind!

I don’t normally like to rant on our blog but we were just a bit incensed by the whole thing which could have been avoided with a bit of good customer service.

Anyway after our unnecessarily stressful supper we headed back to the boat to get the kiddies into bed and relaxed with some rum and cards.

rum boating

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