River Cruising in Devon & Cornwall

This May half term we spent a week on the boat cruising around Devon & Cornwall.

Storms on the Water

River cruising in Devon & Cornwall We spent Friday night on our mooring in Saltash. That night we witnessed a storm like nothing we’ve seen before. I was awoken at 1 am by lights flashing through the portholes. At first, I thought it was another boat flashing at us but once I had woken up a bit more I realized it was lighting.

It was just continuing light. The lighting didn’t bother me too much but when the wind increased and the rain started pouring down I started to get a little concerned.

I managed to capture some of it on video. Check it out on our Facebook page.


On Saturday we cruised up to Calstock. We met some friends for dinner in the Tamar Inn.

We decided to spend two nights in Calstock. On Sunday we got the train to Plymouth to have lunch and buy supplies for supper. We had a pasty for lunch whilst listening to a group busking.

The train we planned to get back to Calstock was canceled which was a bit of a nightmare as the next train wasn’t due for another 3 hours. The staff organized a taxi for us back to Calstock.

That night we had a BBQ on the boat. We are really impressed with the little BBQ we bought, it’s called an *Outback Compact U-Gas Barbecue. It’s small enough that it doesn’t take up much space on the boat but big enough to get enough meat cooking for all of us. We’d definitely recommend it for other boater or campers.


Pasty in Plymouth

BBQ on the boat

Treluggan Boatyard (formally Boating World)

On Tuesday we headed up the River Lynher towards Treluggan Boatyard (formally Boating World). Our friends have a boat up there that they are restoring and Phil offered to help them with installing their flooring.

Treluggan Boatyard Boating World

Whilst the men played boats the kiddies and I went to visit our friend’s horses. I was quite surprised how involved they got, they even helped with mucking them out.

Feeding horses

Mucking out horses

Mayflower Marina 

On Wednesday we headed to Mayflower Marina in Plymouth. We had a chilled out day reading books and feeding the ducks.

Boat Girl

Boat kids at Mayflower Marina

Feeding the ducks at Mayflower marina

Saltash Sailing Club Racing 

On Thursday we went back to our mooring ready for race night at the sailing club. Phil was crew on his friend’s yacht.

It was a gorgeous day, the best so far.

Boat Boy

Boat Girls

River Tamar Cornwall

On Friday we went home as we had friends coming over for a bbq. It was an enjoyable week but looking back I do wish we had gone slightly further afield. Although this wasn’t really possible with the various commitments that Phil had during the week.

There is always next time!

Water Gypsy


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