Refit of Toilet Compartment on the Boat

We felt that over the summer months the toilet compartment was looking rather down at heel so Phil has made it a priority to refit it over the winter period.

We had a shower unit that we felt was totally unnecessary and took up too much space. We’ve opted for a bespoke vanity unit, hardwood ply lining and Phil put his joinery skills to the test making iroko cupboard doors and brass handles.

We’ve also installed a new fresh water supply with an inset stainless steel sink. This will be much more useful for the usual ablutions as we tend to use the posh showers in the various marinas we visit.

The Old Toilet Compartment

Here’s the space where the old shower was…

Refit toilet compartment boat

Here’s the area once ripped out…

refit of toilet compartment on boat

The Refit of Toilet Compartment

This is the progress to date, as you can see we’ve replaced the shower unit with a storage unit and sink. We never used the shower anyway so it was a real waste of space. We prefer to use the showers in the marina’s and sailing clubs.

Refit of toilet compartment on boat

Refit of toilet compartment on boat

Refit Toilet Compartment

Phil is doing all of the work himself and as he’s working all week he only has the weekends to get anything done on the boat.

Check back soon to see it completely finished.

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