Our Devon Bucket List

Although we have been living in Devon for over 6 years now I still don’t feel like we have seen half of what this beautiful County has to offer.

I thought it would be fun to create a Devon bucket list. I’ve included some slightly more unusual places as well as a few tourist spots. We prefer to discover hidden places that are off the main tourist hotspots.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Walk through The Valley of Rocks

The Valley of Rocks is located up on the South West Coast Path, close to the village of Lynton in North Devon. We don’t tend to venture up to North Devon very often as it’s quite a drive from our home.

Apparently, the views are quite something.

Valley of Rocks North Devon

Ride on the Dartmouth Steam Railway

Granted this one is very touristy but we haven’t done it yet and I’ve been told it’s a really lovely ride through the countryside. They also allow dogs to ride the train which is great for us as he doesn’t like being left.

Find Scabbacombe Sands Hidden Beach

I hadn’t even heard of Scabbacombe Sands until Claire from the blog Tin Box Traveller mentioned it on her blog. From her pictures, it looks stunning it’s just a bit of a trek to get to. Apparently, the nearest car park is a mile away but I imagine it’s worth it when you get there.

It might also be worth mentioning that it’s a naturist beach!

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Scabbacombe Beach in Devon

Walk all of the Devon South West Coast Path 

Obviously, this one will take a while to complete and I don’t plan on doing it all in one go. We have already done a few sections of it.

Budleigh Salterton South West Coast Path

Visit Exeter Cathedral

We’ve walked past the cathedral many times but haven’t actually been inside.

Spend the day at Seaton Jurassic 

Seaton Jurassic is a relatively new tourist attraction in Devon. I like the idea of it because it’s educational as well as fun. A few of our friends have been there already and had a lovely time.

Take a picture of Bowerman’s Nose

The story behind Bowerman’s Nose is that he was a man called Bowerman or Bowerman the Hunter. He lived up on the eastern side of the moor and his passion was hunting. He often took his dogs out to hunt with him.

This was back in the time when supposedly witches were rife on Dartmoor. They used to meet in secluded spots to cast spells.

One night Bowerman and his dogs ran straight through the area where the witches were, destroying their potions and interrupting their spells. The witches were furious so they turned Bowerman into stone along with his dogs.

We tried to find Bowerman’s Nose before but ended up getting lost. This is a close as we got!

Bowerman's Nose on Dartmoor

Dartmoor Otters and Buckfast Butterflies

I’ve added this place to our list as it’s only down the road from us and yet we still haven’t been. They normally have an offer on Groupon for money off so I shall keep my eye out for the next one and we’ll go then.

Go to Blackpool Sands

I feel ashamed to say that we still haven’t been to Blackpool Sands. We’ve been told it’s one of the nicest beaches in Devon. We really need to go! They also have the Venus Cafe there which I’m told is also very good.

Walk on Exmoor

As I said earlier we never seem to get up to North Devon very often but I would love to walk on Exmoor. We can tie this one in with our visit to The Valley of Rocks.

Walk to Haldon Belvedere Lawerence Castle

We have been to Haldon Forest many times but we’ve never walked all the way to the castle. I’ve seen it from the distance but I’d like to see it close up. Apparently, it’s becoming a very popular venue for weddings.

Haldon Forest in Devon

Visit Scorhill

Scorhill is a stone circle up on Dartmoor. It is one of Devon’s biggest and least damaged stone circles. We have also tried to go here before but got completely lost and ended up at Fernworthy Reservoir, which by the way is also a lovely place to visit.

I came home and made a more detailed route so hopefully next time we’ll find it.

Climb through the Tolmen Stone

The Tolem Stone is located on the bank of the North Teign river. Legend has it that if you climb through the hole in the stone you will have immunity from all rheumatic disorders.

The name ‘Tolem’ comes from the Celtic word tol (hole) and maen (stone).

Visit Spekes Mill Mouth Waterfall

Spekes Mill Mouth Waterfall is in North Devon. Apparently, you can access the beach below via steps to take in the beautiful surroundings.

Wonder though Wistman’s Woods on Dartmoor – DONE

We actually went here today! It’s a hidden woods that is supposedly haunted. People are advised to leave the woods before nightfall. It was said to be a gathering spot for druids.

The entire wood is covered in mosses and lichens and the trees are entangled together. It’s located in the Dart River Valley. You can park in the car park opposite the Two Bridges Hotel and walk from there.

Wistmans woods on Dartmoor, Devon

Stand Under the Double Waterfall at Venford Falls

Venford Falls is a hidden double waterfall close to Venford Reservoir near Ashburton. I’ve been told it’s pretty hard to find but I’m determined to get there.

The picture below was taken by Phil’s Uncle. He’s an amazing photographer and this is what made me want to go there myself. Although I’m sure my pictures won’t be anywhere near as good as his.

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Venford Falls Dartmoor Devon

I’m not sure how long it will take us to complete this list but I’ll tick things off as we go. Wish us luck!

Are there any more places you can add? Leave a comment below and we’ll check it out. 

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Devon bucket list including double waterfalls, enchanted woods and hidden beaches

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One thought on “Our Devon Bucket List

  1. What a great list, so much is on offer in Devon it’s almost difficult to get everything done even if you do live here! Venford Falls is well worth a bit of map reading and stomping through the woods, and Exeter Cathedral is just as stunning inside as it is outside. The annual fireworks night tar barrels at Ottery St. Mary is another bucket list item that’s not to be missed as people come from all over the world to see the traditional event and it’s a great evening for the whole family!

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