Oblivion: Boat is back on the Water

Last weekend we launched Oblivion back into the water. It was an early start for Phil, he had to be down at the boatyard at 6am as we were scheduled to be the first boat to go back in. The launch went well with no disasters and luckily the wind had died down as it was set to be 25 knot winds.

Oblivion Boat back on the water

Our sailing boat Oblivion, an Ohlson 35

Phil motored the boat from the yard back to our Summer mooring with the help of a friend. I didn’t fancy that trip, especially not with both the kids and the puppy as the river from the boatyard is very small and difficult to navigate. You can see the River Lyhner in the picture below although obviously this was taken at low tide, it does get a bit more water than that, but not much!

The River Lynher in Polbathic, Cornwall

The journey went well apart from at the last minute as Phil was bringing her into our mooring when the engine decided to cut out. He says it was down to the installation of new control cables which were too slack. They have now be tightened up so all should be well next time.

Once Oblivion was secure on her mooring I picked Phil and his friend up from the sailing club and drove them back to the boatyard where we then dismantled the cradle. This went a lot faster than expected due to someone in the yard letting us borrow their ratchet drill. It made a world of difference. Phil has now decided that he wants one so I’m guessing that will be on his Christmas list this year.

Oblivion on her mooring at Saltash Sailing Club


As the weather was very hit and miss that weekend we decided it was best not to go anywhere on Oblivion over the weekend so instead we just stayed on her for the night on our mooring in Saltash. We had lunch in the Railway Pub in the town and in the evening the sailing club had a band and BBQ which was good fun.


The Railway pub in Saltash

Saltash Sailing Club

One thing that I noticed this year is that the kiddies settled a lot quicker than they have done in previous years. The first few days on the boat always seem to make them go into hyper excited mode this time however they were pretty chilled and spent a lot of time quietly colouring. I guess it’s going to get easier each year as they get older.

Keeping the kids entertained on the boat with colouring

Saltash Sailing Club

On Sunday we had lunch at the sailing club with my Mother and her partner. The food in there is fantastic and exceptional value for money. 3 course are only £13.

Saltash sailing club Sunday lunch

Saltash sailing club food


Boat Back on the Water Video

Packing my Suitcase

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  1. Oh cool, a boat blog! My family were dinghy sailors more than yachts and we never did sea journeys, but gosh this does remind me of all of our summer holidays!

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