How to Create the Perfect Personalised Christmas Cards

I have a confession to make most years I am rubbish at sending Christmas cards, some years I think I’m on top of it, I buy and write the cards, get them all ready and then forget to post them in time. Other years I have just forgotten altogether. This year however I’m determined to do it!

Personalised Christmas Cards

Instead of just sending generic Christmas cards I wanted to add a more personal touch by creating personalised Christmas Photo Cards. I used a company called Snapfish, they are an online store where you can create your own personalised gifts and cards.

I used Snapfish last Valentine’s day to create this photo book for the Captain. It included pictures from all of our sailing adventures over the last year. It was lovely to have our photos actually printed instead of just in files on our computer.

Personalised sailing photobook

The site is really easy to use, I managed to create my personalized Christmas cards within half an hour. They have a section of different templates to choose from and then it’s just a case of uploading the photos you wish to use.

Here are the personalised Christmas cards that we created…

Personalised Christmas Cards

Personalise family Christmas cards

Personalised photo Christmas cards

The cards arrived 2 days later complete with envelopes. The quality of the cards is excellent! My photos don’t really do them justice. As well as cards you can also create other items such as personalised mugs, wall calendars, Christmas ornaments and Photo Wall Art.

Personalised Christmas Cards with Snapfish

Personally we take a lot of photos. Not only do I love photography but I also love capturing every moment with our children.  I had tons of images to choose from for our cards. If you don’t already have a stock of family photos here are my top tips for capturing a good family photo.

6 Top Tips for Capturing the Perfect Family Photos

6 Top Tips for Capturing the Perfect Family Photos


I’ve put lighting first as I feel it’s the most important tip for taking good photos. Good lighting is crucial to getting a good shot. If the lighting in your home isn’t great then consider getting the family outside, weather permitting of course. It’s so much easier to get a good photo outside than it is indoors.

Pick your Moment

There is nothing worse than trying to get kids to pose for a photo when they’re ‘not in the mood’. Try to pick a time when everyone is relatively calm and not overtired.

Keep Calm Yourself

If you start getting stressed that the shot isn’t going right then your family will pick up on the tense atmosphere and probably start acting up. Our daughter is particularly sensitive to atmosphere changes, if I’m stressed about something she is a nightmare!

Set the Scene

If you decided to shoot inside don’t be afraid to use props to set the scene. If you have your Christmas tree up why not all stand in front of it. Alternatively if you decided to go outside find somewhere picturesque near to where you live. If you don’t have anywhere suitable near to your home then maybe you could all just wear Christmas jumpers instead.

Get your Pets in on the Action 

If you have pets why not consider having them in the photo too. That is if you can get them to stay still for 5 seconds. You could make it even more festive by putting them in a Christmas jumper.


If all else fails you can always resort back to good old fashioned bribery! You’d be amazed what we can get our kiddies to do for a biscuit.

If you’d like to create your own personalised Christmas Photo Gifts take a look at the Snapfish website to see what you can create.

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