Goodbye Oblivion & Hello Colvic Northerner Restoration Project

We’ve been a little quiet on here recently but with good reason, we’ve sold our boat Oblivion! The main reason for selling her was Phil wanted something smaller that required less maintenance as we have put our house on the market and didn’t want to have to worry about a boat as well.

Oblivion sailing boat

At least that was the plan but in true Phil style that is not what happened, he has just bought probably the biggest project we’ve ever had! We are restoring an old hull.

Boat Restoration

Here she is in all her glory…

Colvic Northerner

She a Colvic Northerner and Phil has big plans for her. As you can see it’s basically just a hull that needs a lot of love. Inside she is just a shell which although slightly terrifying is actually great as we can design her spec exactly as we want her.

We are working with a boat builder down at the yard who is going to be building the wheelhouse and fitting the engine etc. Phil then plans to do the rest of the work himself. We hope to see him again at some point next year! The term ‘boat widow’ springs to mind.

Colvic Northerner Hull Restoration

Inside our new Colvic Northerner

Phil has big plans for her new look. I’m going to try and document the progress on here so keep checking back to see how we are getting on. Wish us luck!

Colvic Northerner restoration project

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