Family Sailing Blogs

Family Sailing Blogs

Since we started blogging about our adventures on the water we have come across lots of great family sailing blogs. I personally find it comforting to know that their are other families out there that sail with their kids. It’s also a great way to live out our fantasy through others about selling up and sailing off around the world. One day, someday!

Today I thought I’d share some of our favourites with you…

A Family Afloat

A family on a boat together is a family afloat together. Sailing the world with kids. A family of 5 on a Stevens 40′

Anasazi Racing

Ocean Speed Sailing

Around ‘n’ Circles

Because straight from point-a to point-b is boring

Becoming A Sailor

On SV Aphrodite, a St Francis 50 catamaran

Buchis on a Boat

The Buchi family’s adventures on a sail boat

Carina of Devon

Adventures of a Family Afloat

A family of six who lives aboard sailing vessel Messenger traveling the world

Cruising with Cid

A little family’s big adventure

Cygnus III

Sailing around the world slowly

From Pine to Palm

Food, Travel, Organizing, Sailing, Adventure

Habi Hoba’s Great Adventure

Experiencing creation through love, life and adventure.

Homeschool Ahoy

Learning without school and building a dream!

It’s Our Necessity

Follow our family of four, sailing on our Morgan 41ft

Sailing Britican

The story of a family sailing around the world

Sail Evenstar

Two adults, two teenagers and one boat

Sailing Totem

A family’s nomadic journey

Sailing Yoga Family

Quit their jobs and embarked on an incredible sailing journey around the world

The Crazy Chronicles: 5 Kids and a Boat

The true and documented journey of a family with 5 kids, starting out knowing nothing about boating, and the learning path to becoming liveaboard cruisers

The Rebel Heart

In 2012 we left San Diego and now with two small children, are slowly working our way around the world

Wind Traveler

A young couple and their three baby girls living afloat and sailing the Caribbean!

These are just some of the family sailing blogs that we have come across so far. I’ll keep adding more as we discover them. If you’d like to be added to this list please get in touch.

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