Day Two in Budapest

After an exhausting first day in Budapest we aimed for a slightly more relax time on the second day, this didn’t happen! We spent the majority of the day on the Pest side of the river which is where you find most of the shops, markets, cafes and bars. It’s the side with the Parliament building so you can get your bearings.

Day Two Budapest

Shoes on the Danube

The very first place that I wanted to head to was the Shoes on the Danube bank. The shoes are a memorial to honour the Jews who were lined up and shot into the river by Arrow Cross militiamen during World War II. Before they were shot they were ordered to remove their shoes and line up along the edge of the river, that way the water would carry their bodies away.

Shoes on the Danube Bank, Budapest

As we have Jewish roots I found it very emotional even more so when I saw the little boy shoes.

Shoes on the Danube Bank

Shoes on the Danube River

Parliament Building

After the shoes we had a quick walk around the outside of the parliament building. It really is an amazing piece of architecture.

Parliament Building Budapest

Ideally we would have liked to of done one of the tours of the building but sadly our timescale wouldn’t allow it.

Parlaiment BUilding Budapest, Hungary

Nonloso Caffe

We stopped for refreshments at a place called Nonloso Caffe, which can be found in district 5 just down from the St. Stephen’s Basilica. We had some hot wine and cakes which were very tasty.

Nonloso Cafe Budapest

St Stephen’s Basilica

We only got to walk past the St Stephen’s Basilica as again time wouldn’t permit anything else, however if we ever go back to Budapest I would love to go inside.

St Stephen's Basilica Budapest

The Great Synagogue

The next stop on our list was The Great Synagogue and the Hungarian Jewish Museum, again this was quite an emotional trip and the bit that got me the most was the large black and white images in the museum.

The Great Synagogue Budapest

Jewish Museum Budapest

Great Market Hall

The last place we wanted to visit was the famous Great Market Hall which we failed to realise was much further up than we anticipated and after an entire day of walking my hips were playing up and it was a walk I could of done without. However once we got there I was glad we made the trip.

Great Market Hall Budapest

The stalls downstairs sell mainly food produce and upstairs they have gifts. We didn’t stay long as we were all tired and in need of food.

Great Market Hall Budapest

Ice Bar Budapest

On our quest to find food we got distracted by the Ice Bar and decided to stop in for a drink (or two) which seems like madness when it was already -3 degrees outside!  It was quite an experience. More to follow in a separate post soon.

Ice Bar Budapest

After we were suitable frozen and feeling a little squiffy from the cocktails we resumed our task of finding food.

Fatal Etterem

We decided on a place called Fatal Etterem or Fatal Garden as it says on the sign. We were drawn in by the lady outside who stated that it was all traditional Hungarian food. We were seated in the smaller side restaurant which only had about 7 or 8 tables in so it was lovely intimate place to eat.

The food was fantastic and the portions were huge! I particularly liked my starter of garlic soup which came served in a bowl of bread.

Fatal Etterem Budapest

and that is everything we did on our second day in Budapest.

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6 thoughts on “Day Two in Budapest

  1. I want to visit all the places you have presented here. I have heard the food in Budapest is veyr good. What are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Ruth, In everywhere we ate the food was very good! We stuck mainly to traditional Hungarian restaurants. There seemed to be a lot of meats cooked with fruits on the menus which was a bit different and the Goulash we had was also very tasty.
      Our breakfast in our hotel was interesting! It was a buffet and had some odd combinations of foods.
      I would definitely recommend going to Fatal Etterem their food was particularly nice. (link above)

  2. The memorial on the banks sounds so moving, I’m glad it is commemorated. And you packed so much into your day again – a great mini guide of what there is to see. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  3. Oh my goodness, those shoes by the river. What a powerful image. Great guide – you certainly packed a lot into your second day! Thanks for linking to #citytripping

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