Colvic Northerner Restoration Update

We thought we’d do a bit of an update of how we are getting on with the new boat. We bought her in August and if you remember from our past post she was basically just a shell.

Colvic Northerner Restoration

Phil has been working on her as often as he can to get her ready for the next boating season. Just to recap this is what she looked like the day we got her…

Colvic Northerner Hull Restoration

This is what she looks like today…

Colvic Northerner restoration project

Quite a difference right!

New Wheelhouse & Windows

As you can see from the pictures the new wheelhouse has been made and the windows have gone in.

Colvic Northerner Restoration project

New wheelhouse on our Colvic Northerner restoration project

Henry helped his Daddy with the windows and was very proud of his efforts.

New windows in our Colvic Northerner

Cabin Interior

Inside the cabin Phil has been hard at work making the bunks, the gallery, the toilet compartment, the saloon table and the floors. We opted for the traditional layout of Colvic Northerner with a centre table, large berths either side and two forward bunks in the focsle section.

We decided to put half bulkheads in between the saloon and focsle to give a feeling of open plan space. The benefits of this are more light and increased interior volume.

Before picture of our Colvic Northerner interior Colvic Northerner interior

The interior is pretty much finished now although I don’t seem to have a decent photo of it. I’ll definitely get one next time I’m down there.

Colvic northerner restoration interior

colvic northerner project

colvic northerner restoration interior

Here’s a before and after shot which I think really shows how far she comes.

Colvic Northerner restoration project

There is still work to be done but the end is definitely now in sight and we cannot wait to get her onto the water!

colvic northerner restoration update

Water Gypsy

5 thoughts on “Colvic Northerner Restoration Update

  1. Hi
    I have just come across your Colvic Northener restoration and she looks great! I just wondered if you managed to find out much information or any technical drawings of the boats?
    I am looking to do the same as yourself and any information would be greatly received.
    Do you have any pictures of the interior as that is the main area im interested in? I am trying to decide on the best layout.
    Best Regards

    1. Hi John, I am in the same predicament as you. Did you manage to find any drawings for your restoration? It certainly would make life a lot easier!

    2. Hi John, how have you got on with your restoration? We didn’t have any technical drawings as Phil did it pretty much all himself. We will be putting up a blog post soon on the process.

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