Goodbye Oblivion & Hello Colvic Northerner Restoration Project

We’ve been a little quiet on here recently but with good reason, we’ve sold our boat Oblivion! The main reason for selling her was Phil wanted something smaller that required less maintenance as we have put our house on the market and didn’t want to have to worry about a boat as well. Continue reading “Goodbye Oblivion & Hello Colvic Northerner Restoration Project”

The River Yealm – Newton Ferrers & Noss Mayo

On the first day of our July holiday we headed over to the Yealm from Saltash. The weather wasn’t great; grey skies, poor viability and intermittent rain. Our plan was to get over to the Yealm as soon as possible so we could get settled in there for a few days whilst the weather improved.

We’ve been to the Yealm many times before, check out our child friendly sailing in the River Yealm post.

This time we had the kiddies Grandparents coming to stay with us for one night so we decided to moor on the pontoon in the Yealm. We normally just pick up a swinging mooring but we thought this would make it easier for everyone to get on and off the boat, especially as our guests weren’t ‘boaters’. Continue reading “The River Yealm – Newton Ferrers & Noss Mayo”

Planning a Sailing Trip to the Isles of Scilly

We have talked about it for a few years now but it’s looking like it might actually happen this year; I’m talking about our sailing trip to the Isles of Scilly. We have been putting it off year after year because of all the logistics of getting there.

Planning a sailing trip to the Isles of Scilly

We estimate (weather permitting of course) that it will take us 4 days just to get there. That means that 8 days are taken up with just the travelling there and back which would mean Phil having to book 2 weeks off work to make it happen. This in the past has been impossible because of workload, this year however is looking hopeful. Continue reading “Planning a Sailing Trip to the Isles of Scilly”

Sailing Withdrawal


It has been a month since we last went sailing on Oblivion. 1 whole month! We have had so much on lately that it has just been impossible to get down there. Our weekends have been filled with a mixture of chauffeuring kids from party to party and desperately trying to get our home organised before our Christmas guest arrive, all 14 of them! Continue reading “Sailing Withdrawal”

A Social Sailing Weekend

Social Sailing Weekend

August Bank Holiday

For the August bank holiday weekend Phil took the Friday off as well as the Monday so that we’d have an extra long weekend with the intention of sailing down to Fowey, however as always the weather wasn’t in our favour, both in terms of the wind direction and the rain, so we decided on a shorter journey over to the Yealm. Continue reading “A Social Sailing Weekend”

Sailing from Fowey to Saltash

Sailing Fowey to Saltash

On the last day of our week long Summer sailing holiday we sailed from Fowey back to Saltash. Well… I say sailed we mainly motored as there was hardly any wind. Had it of just been Phil and I on board we probably would of perceived with the sails up but we were aware that is was going to be a fairly long passage even under motor and it wouldn’t of been fair on the kiddies to make it take even longer. Continue reading “Sailing from Fowey to Saltash”