Half Term on the Boat

We started off the half term with an adult only night away on the boat with the OH’s sister and brother in law. I must admit it was nice to not have to be constantly worrying about the children and what they were up too.

We motored over to the Yealm and spent the night moored up on the visitor pontoon.We went to The Dolphin in Newton Ferries for dinner and had a drink or three in The Swan in Noss Mayo.

boat and wine

On the Sunday we headed back to the sailing club in Saltash, dropped off our passengers and picked up the kiddies ready for the half term week.

boating with kids

The weather was pretty good for most of the week although we still stayed fairly local, mainly in and around Plymouth.

We still can’t quite work out whether Charlie (the puppy) enjoys boating or not. Sometimes he seems fine and then other times he seems to freak out. What didn’t help on this particular trip was that he fell into the engine bay while we were trying to fix a broken prop and got covered from head to toe in diesel! We had to scrub him down on the deck and it took a good four of five washes to get it all off.

boating with dogs

We caught some pollock off of pen lee and cooked them up for lunch while we were anchored in Cawsand in Cornwall.

fishing on boat

We packed a few new games that we’d be sent for a review which helped to keep the kiddies entertained while we were passage making.


We spent one night in Mayflower marina in Plymouth and had a lovely supper in Jolly Jacks based at the marina.

Jolly Jacks Plymouth

In all it was a lovely break away but was cut short by the weather turning but that’s how it goes with boating.


Our 2014 boating season

Where do I start! We have done so much with Angelina (our boat) this year and I have been very slack on updating as we go along, something I plan to be better with next season.

I thought the best way to share what we have been up to would be in pictures (a picture says a thousand words and all that).

The kiddies have really got into it this year…

Boating with Kids

Boating with Kids

Boating with Kids

We stayed fairly local this season as it was our first year with Angelina and we didn’t want to push our luck!

Boating on the River Yealm
The Yealm
View from our mooring
View from our mooring


We did a little bit of cooking on board but not nearly as much as we perhaps should of…

Cooking on board a boat

Cooking on Board a Boat
The kids experienced their first taste of lobster that we brought from a fisherman in Plymouth fish market

We had quite a few day trips, often accompanied by other members of our family…

Boating cabin boy
My Father

Angelina is definitely looking much better than she did when we first got her, after all of the hard work Phil put into her over the winter.


This winter he plans to do even more with her, more decorative than mechanical though this time. We have just craned her out of the water again for the winter so we don’t have to worry about her out on her mooring and Phil can tinker with her till his hearts content. Here’s to the spring and more boating adventures including the Isles of Scilly.

Cold, Wet & Making Progress

AngelinaI was lucky enough to come across a picture of Angelina in a past life thanks to the help of the internet. This one was obviously taken some time ago looking all together and ship-shape! In the wind and the rain, working in small spaces and rubbing my hands together to get some blood circulating, this picture spurs me on to get her back to her purposeful best!

So back to progress…. before…..


and after……….




and after……………………


I would love to say that the transformation to the ‘whitework’ was down to hours of cutting compounding and brute force however, this was achieved by a magic product. I accidentially stumbled across this in a chandlery when looking for the easy way out of the aforesaid method. It is called Y10, and it contains an acid that removes staining to the gelcoat. So following a good clean with a diluted traffic film remover and powerwasher, this was the result! Needless to say there is still much more external work to do.

I also had the good fortune to stumble across three lengths of 40ft 3/8 chain to replace the existing anchor rope. I was able to obtain these at a fraction of the price of new as they were not only secondhand but also short lengths. I bought two chain links which required riviting, joined the lengths together and stowed it away in the chain locker. I took the opportunity to also replace the existing 20lb Danforth anchor with a decent 35lb CQR type anchor. This will prove much better in terms of holding and also more suitable for the Westcountry anchorages. Safety first with two kids onboard!


Next jobs to complete:

  • Engines – Service & cambelt kit changes
  • Anode replacement
  • Installation of Tachometers
  • More work on the windows (Waterproofing)
  • Interior fit out
  • Make and cover interior cushions (Gina!)