App For Devon – Review

app for devon review

We were recently made aware of a new app called App for Devon which is a free mobile app packed with information about Devon from days out to what’s on.

One thing we are finding with sailing is that if you can find an app that makes your life easier then download it! This is where App For Devon comes in…

app for devon

App For Devon

‘Our App information ranges from ‘Accommodation’ to ‘Attractions’ and ‘Activities’ and everything from adrenalin fun filled days, to National Trust houses and gardens, museums, theme parks and wildlife. Basically, there’s everything you need to plan your holiday or days out.’

What’s Good About the App?

  • It’s free to download and use
  • The App can be used on or offline, meaning that it’s a handy tool to have when on the water.
  • It’s clear and easy to use
  • It is packed full of useful information

app for devon

What the App Includes?

The app includes the following information…

  • Attractions
  • Activities
  • Eat & Drink
  • Pubs & Clubs
  • Shopping
  • Accommodation
  • Offers & Money Off Vouchers
  • What’s On
  • Information (Including dog friendly beaches, parks, petrol stations, taxis etc)
  • About Devon

Why It’s Good for Boaters?

Attractions & Green Spaces/Parks

This is such a handy section for us to have when we are away on the boat as one of our primary concerns when we visit somewhere new is where can we take the kids that is near by to let of some steam. With this app you are able to visually see on a map what is close to you.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Another section that is good for us is the dog friendly beach section which since getting Charlie is something we now have to consider when out and about.


The taxi listings are also handy to have as obviously where ever we go we either have to walk. get public transport or take a taxi.

Medical & Emergency

This section could be vitally important if you found yourself in a pickle.

Tide Times

Probably the most handy section for boaters though is the tide times section which when clicked takes you to a link with all the information you need on the tides including whether they are neap or springs. This can be found under the Information section of the app.

Whether you live in Devon or are just visiting we would definitely recommend downloading the App for Devon. You can download the app on the Apple App store or on Google Play.

app for devon

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2 thoughts on “App For Devon – Review

  1. This is such a good idea and would really come in handy if you had a holiday planned in Devon. I will definitely consider this if I ever go to Devon. It is a shame there aren’t apps like this for all popular tourist destinations.


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