Our Crew

Meet The Crew


The Captain

This is Phil, he has been a sailor almost since the day he was born. He regularly used to sail with his Great Uncle. One of their favourite places to go was the Isles of Scilly.

He is the boat expert of the crew.

sailing dog

The First Mate

My name is Gina and unlike Phil, I had no previous experience of boats whatsoever so I’m definitely learning as I go along.

I’m slowly starting to learn the lingo and navigate my way around the boat. I do the majority of writing on this blog although any of the technical posts are written by Phil.

at the helm


The Cabin Boy

This is Henry. He is 7 and is obsessed with boats. He enjoys learning all of the technical terms and practising his knots.

boat kids

The Look Out

This is Lowenna, she is 5 and spends more time sleeping than doing any ‘looking out’ I think it’s the rocking motion. She can often be found asleep upright in a corner somewhere. One day she wants her own boat, a little wooden one apparently.

boat kid

The Newest Recruit

This is Charlie, the newest member of the family. He’s a naughty Cavachon puppy. He is pretty useless as a crew member and spends most of his time barking at ducks or cocking his leg on the mast!

charlie resize


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