1st Boat Trip of the Season to Calstock in Cornwall

Last weekend we had our first weekend away on Morveren, our new boat. We decided to head up towards Calstock in Cornwall. We haven’t been able to go up there for the last two years as Oblivion, our previous boat had a deep draft and it can get very shallow up the river.

However, with Morveren that isn’t an issue as she only draws about 3ft 6. Here she is looking pretty on the pontoon.


As it was Easter last weekend we had 2 extra days of boating which was great as we didn’t have to rush to get home to work on Monday.

On Friday we only had Lowenna with us as her brother went to his first every football match with his Grandparents. I found it really odd only having one child on board, although I must say it was a lot easier with only one!

Lowenna on Morveran

Calstock in Cornwall 

We made our way up to Calstock from Saltash sailing club with the evening tide and got there around 6:o0 pm. It took a couple of hours.

We picked up a swinging mooring at Calstock boatyard. They have new owners and work on an honesty box system for paying for your mooring for the night. They also have an honesty cafe with homemade cakes, tea, and coffee. Which I thought was a lovely idea!

Calstock viaducts Cornwall

Once we were safely moored we hopped in the dinghy to the town quay and went to the Tamar Inn for supper. They have a Friday special fish and chips night for only £7.50. Phil said it was one of the best fish and chips he’s had in ages.

The pub was packed which was great to see. Clearly, it’s very popular.

Back to Saltash 

The next day we left the mooring at around 9 am We got back to Saltash at 11 am. Once there we picked up Henry and took the boat back to our mooring.


Boat kids

Boat Kids Cornwall

The sailing club had food and live music on Saturday night for the Spring series racing. We spent the evening there eating, drinking and chatting with friends. We slept on the boat on our mooring.

I’m so glad we opted for the memory foam topped mattress. They are really comfortable and along with our new sleeping bags, it was a really cozy nights sleep.

Lazy Sunday 

On Sunday morning we met up with another family from the sailing club and the grown up boys went out for a sail in their new homemade dingy called Gruffalo. The kiddies had great fun playing on the beach on Saltash waterfront with Bruno the dog.

Cornishware boat

Gruffalo dingy

Saltash waterfront

We went home afterward as we’d be invited to a family BBQ. In all, it was a lovely weekend and a great first weekend away on Morveren.

Calstock in Cornwall

Water Gypsy

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