10 Breathtaking Wild Swimming Locations in Devon

Wild swimming is a fairly new term to me, when we were growing up we just used to call it swimming in the river however I must admit the term ‘wild swimming’ sounds so much cooler!

The practice or activity of swimming for pleasure in natural waters, typically rivers and lakes

Devon has some fantastic wild swimming locations, think cursed pools, hidden caves, natural waterfalls and crystal clear waters. Today I thought I would share 10 favourites with you.

10 Breathtaking Wild Swimming Locations in Devon

10 of the Best Wild Swimming Spots in Devon

Anstey’s Cove 

Anstey’s Cove is located between Torquay & Babbacombe in Torbay. With it’s crystal clear waters it’s a perfect spot for snorkelling. Here you will find tiny sea caves mostly only accessible at low tide. Take extra care, don’t get trapped in the caves and watch out for submerged rocks.

Crazywell Pool

This one is a pool with a legend behind it. This pool, located in the middle of Dartmoor, is rumored to be a bottomless haunted pool. In ‘real life’ it’s an old shallow cast mine but I think a ‘haunted pool of doom’ sounds so much more exciting! It’s located just south of Princetown on Dartmoor.

Cullever Steps Pool

Cullever Steps is a small wild swimming pool located on the East Okement river near Belstone on North Dartmoor. Access is relatively easy and you can park on the army road from Okehampton camp.

Double Waters River Walkham 

Double Waters or River Walkham is a magical river right in the middle of the woods. Located south of Tavistock on the western side of Dartmoor.

Haytor Quarry

Haytor Quarry is hidden up on Dartmoor near the Haytor Rocks on the Eastern edge of Dartmoor. There is a lovely pool right in the middle of the quarry, perfect for a quick dip.

wild swimming in Devon

Holne Pool 

This pool has it’s own mini waterfall so definitely worth a visit. It’s a secluded spot located in Holne Woods, close to the village Holne on the southeastern side of Dartmoor.

Salmon Leaps

Salmon leaps is located on the River Teign in the woods beneath Castle Drogo. The River Teign cascades into three Victorian square stone plunge pools.

Shilley Pool 

Shilley pool is a small plunge pool located south west of Whiddon Down on Dartmoor. It’s fairly shallow but great for children to paddle in.


Spitchwick is a great day out for all the family, the kiddies can go wild in the water whilst the parents relax on the bank with a picnic. Spitchwick is part of the River Dart and is located North West of Ashburton. Parking can be an issue in the height of the Summer so bear that in mind.

The Hindu Caves

This one is not for the faint hearted! I’ve only just been made aware of the Hindu Caves which are located between Torquay and Paignton. They look amazing! It’s a cave formation that was well know in the Victorian era. The caves, discovered by Charles Kingsley, were given their name due to their resemblance of a hindu temple. They are located by the Livermead Cliff Hotel. You have to be aware of the tide when visiting and watch out for submerged rocks.

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