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Our Adventures on the Water

Child Friendly Sailing in Fowey Cornwall

At first glance Fowey can seem like quite an un-child friendly place to visit, with it’s steep hills, narrow streets and adult orientated shops but on closer inspection there is actually quite a lot of things to see and do with little ones.

Before you go off exploring it’s worth knowing that there are lockers for your lifejackets at most of the dinghy landing points. They cost £1 which is refundable and saves you from having to carry around your lifejackets with you. (more…)

Oblivion: Boat is back on the Water

Last weekend we launched Oblivion back into the water. It was an early start for Phil, he had to be down at the boatyard at 6am as we were scheduled to be the first boat to go back in. The launch went well with no disasters and luckily the wind had died down as it was set to be 25 knot winds.

Oblivion Boat back on the water (more…)

Day Two in Budapest

After an exhausting first day in Budapest we aimed for a slightly more relax time on the second day, this didn’t happen! We spent the majority of the day on the Pest side of the river which is where you find most of the shops, markets, cafes and bars. It’s the side with the Parliament building so you can get your bearings.

Day Two Budapest

Shoes on the Danube

The very first place that I wanted to head to was the Shoes on the Danube bank. The shoes are a memorial to honour (more…)

Planning a Sailing Trip to the Isles of Scilly

We have talked about it for a few years now but it’s looking like it might actually happen this year; I’m talking about our sailing trip to the Isles of Scilly. We have been putting it off year after year because of all the logistics of getting there.

Planning a sailing trip to the Isles of Scilly

We estimate (weather permitting of course) that it will take us 4 days just to get there. That means that 8 days are taken up with just the travelling there and back which would mean Phil having to book 2 weeks off work to make it happen. This in the past has been impossible because of workload, this year however is looking hopeful. (more…)

Aquamarina Hotel Review in Budapest

During our latest Budapest adventure we stayed in a very unique floating hotel on the river Danube. It’s called the Aquamarina Hotel and is moored on Romai Beach in district 3, just outside the main city area.

Aquamarina Hotel Review Budapest

Aquamarina Hotel

Aquamarina Hotel Budapest (more…)

Day One in Budapest

Last week I went to Budapest for the first time with my Mother and Sister. We had exactly 48 hours to see as much of the city as we could. Today I thought I’d share with you what we got up to on the first full day.

Day One Budapest

Day One

We stayed in the Aquamarina hotel which is just outside the main city in Rómaifürdő, district 3. Our first obstacle was to actually get into the city centre. We asked the receptionist at the hotel about catching a bus and the answer we got was “no, buses no good”. We weren’t really sure (more…)

January 07, 2016

Found a Bargain on Lloyds Approved Exhaust Hose

I decided that we need to replace some ageing parts on Oblivion ready for the coming season. One part was Lloyds approved exhaust hose. Normally it is very expensive but it does pay to shop around especially on the likes of eBay or where companies who may have clearances or sales in January.

In this case I actually used a chandlery that had items on clearance which is unusual. I was shopping around online and the savings were significant. Normal exhaust hose which is Lloyds approved can be anywhere upwards of £20 a meter but I managed to get 45mm hose for only 5 pounds a meter this meant that I could replace the entire fuel hose of the boat for only £20.

lloyds approved exhaust hose


Budapest Travel Plan

budapest travel plan

In two weeks time I shall be traveling to Budapest with my Mum and Sister for a 4 day break. Obviously we are not going by boat but we are staying on a boat on the River Danube. It’s called the Aquamarina Hotel. I’ve never stayed in a floating hotel before so I’m excited to see what it’s like.

I’m incredibly nervous about the flight as I’m not a good flyer and I haven’t been on a plane for over 8 years now! Luckily though it’s only a short flight from London; around 2 and a half hours. (more…)

Win a £50 voucher for Saltrock Clothing

One of the things that I have learnt as a newbie sailor is that you must have the right clothing! It can make the difference between a very pleasurable experience or a totally horrendous one. In extreme cases it can also mean the difference between life and death.  The last thing you want is to be out on the open water and be cold or wet. I made the mistake once of not wearing appropriate clothing and I’d never do it again.



October 12, 2015

Sailing Withdrawal


It has been a month since we last went sailing on Oblivion. 1 whole month! We have had so much on lately that it has just been impossible to get down there. Our weekends have been filled with a mixture of chauffeuring kids from party to party and desperately trying to get our home organised before our Christmas guest arrive, all 14 of them! (more…)