Our Devon Bucket List

Although we have been living in Devon for over 6 years now I still don’t feel like we have seen half of what this beautiful County has to offer.

I thought it would be fun to create a Devon bucket list. I’ve included some slightly more unusual places as well as a few tourist spots. We prefer to discover hidden places that are off the main tourist hotspots. Continue reading “Our Devon Bucket List”

Polperro in Cornwall

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This week was the first of the Summer Holidays. We planned to spend the whole week on the boat but unfortunately, the weather didn’t allow it.

On Monday the wind was pretty strong which isn’t very comfortable for the kiddies and dog on the boat. She rolls a lot which isn’t fun. We decided to drive to Polperro instead. Continue reading “Polperro in Cornwall”

1st Boat Trip of the Season to Calstock in Cornwall

Last weekend we had our first weekend away on Morveren, our new boat. We decided to head up towards Calstock in Cornwall. We haven’t been able to go up there for the last two years as Oblivion, our previous boat had a deep draft and it can get very shallow up the river. Continue reading “1st Boat Trip of the Season to Calstock in Cornwall”

10 Hidden Gems to Visit in Devon

Even after living in Devon for nearly 6 years now we still haven’t seen half of what this beautiful county has to offer. Our excuse is that it’s a huge area and one of the largest counties in England.

Since we have been living down here we’ve discovered lots of hidden gems so we thought we’d share 10 of the best with you. A lot of these places are tucked away and can be very hard to get too, so only really for people that are up for a challenge! Continue reading “10 Hidden Gems to Visit in Devon”

10 Things to Do in Fowey Cornwall

I think every sailor has their favourite anchorages, one on our list is definitely Fowey in Cornwall. We generally sail from the River Yealm to Fowey in one go and on average it takes us about 4 hours, although we did sail straight from Fowey to our home port once which took around 9 hours! That was far too long for the kiddies and puppy and will not be repeated!  Continue reading “10 Things to Do in Fowey Cornwall”